Below are some of the most common questions we have received in our experiences with people and their situation...

What kind of houses does Home Help® buy?
We buy all types of houses. We work with home owners looking to sell their property in distress for fast cash. Our goal isn’t to take advantage of you but to turn your difficult situation into a mutually beneficial situation for both of us. Regardless of your reason for wanting to sell your house, you should understand that you are not the first person to be in such a situation. We have helped many people in your situation.

Are there any fees associated with the selling process?
No. There are no fees involved at all. This is why we pay you cash and not the other way around. There no fees or hidden costs hidden in the small print. The offer you agree to is what we pay you and nothing less.

How much commission do you take?
We don’t make any commission from buying a home from you. Unlike traditional realtors, real estate investors don’t charge any commission for the property we acquire.

If I am facing foreclosure, will you buy my property?
Not only will we make you an offer, but we will help you avoid foreclosure. Our real estate professionals have experience dealing with such scenarios. They have built long-term relationships with the leading financial institutions; therefore, we are in a better position to help you avoid foreclosure.

How long does it take to sell my house?
A: Our process is fast. Our goal is to offer you a fair solution to your problem in the shortest time possible. We understand the urgency of financial constraints. We know how difficult it can be to sell your home to avoid a mortgage default or bankruptcy. Although most real estate professionals may not be willing to solve your problems fast because of their own selfish motives, we don’t compromise our timelines. We get things done in the shortest time possible to help you move to the next stage in life. It might take a few days or weeks. How fast the process takes, depends on you.

Can I Sell My Home With People In It?
Yes. We buy houses that are rented or that are owner occupied. In some situation we will buy the house and keep the tenants. Please do let us know as somebody might pass by the house to take a look at its exterior. If there is somebody inside, they might get surprised to see someone inspecting the house.

I’m feeling lost and overwhelmed. What should I do?
First, realize that this is just low point in your life and it will get better eventually. Know that you are not the only one going through this situation, in fact tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their house every year. Second, don’t fight this battle alone, enlist the help of a distressed real estate expert to get rid of your problem and at least get paid. Finally, if you are having trouble understanding any legal paperwork you are getting in the mail, try reading it while having our real estate dictionary open. It will help you decipher where you are standing.

Your mortgage lender begins sending payment demands when you fall behind on your payments. Failing to pay your past-due payments results in the lender filing a Notice of Default with the county. The Notice of Default is your official notification that the lender intends to foreclose on the property if you do not pay your past-due balance. The lender files the Notice of Default with the county and sends a copy by certified mail to your residence.

After the lender files the Notice of Default, you get 90 days to bring your past-due bill current. After the 90 days pass, the lender files a Notice of Sale with the county. The Notice of Sale displays the location, date and time of the sale. It lists the trustee's name and contact information. The Notice of Sale is posted on the property, published in the newspaper, filed with the county and sent by certified mail to your residence.

Even with a Notice of Default filed, you get several opportunities to save your property. You have 90 days after the Notice of Default to bring the account current. Once the lender files the Notice of Sale, you have only days prior to the auction to pay the bill to save your property. Once those days lapse, your house goes up for auction. If you do not have the funds to bring the account current Home Help has many options, one being we purchase your property and help you avoid foreclosure and the effects it will have on your credit long term!

Ignoring a Notice of Default is a surefire way to get your home foreclosed. Fair Isaac Corporation, which created the FICO score model, considers late mortgage payments to be one of the biggest factors that bring your credit score down. estimates that a foreclosure will bring your credit down by approximately 280 points. A foreclosure will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, and you will have a difficult time getting a new home loan for at least three to five years or more.
A foreclosure can drop credit scores from 50-250 points (this includes points already lost due to delinquent payments). The difference in point loss depends on how many points someone has to lose in the payment history factor of his or her credit report. Thus if someone has a 750 credit score and they opt to foreclose, their score could drop up to 250 points. However, if someone has a 500 credit score, they may only lose 50 points for the same derogatory.

If you take steps now while you’re in the Notice of Default process you can reduce the adverse effects on your credit that a foreclosure would have.