Everyone has the ‘potential’ to renovate...

But it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be. These are the common challenges of renovating so you can figure out which camp you fall into.

Challenges of living through a Reno

While some thrive under the pressure of decisions and consider the process of renovating a rewarding challenge, for some, the challenge outweighs the reward.

You won’t know until you’ve renovated, but what I know is that some people are predisposed to this kind of work (and all that comes with it) and others are not. Let’s talk through the challenges.

1. You have zero interest in design

Here’s the thing about renovating, you are going to have a million design decisions to make and to be able to make informed and considered choices you’re going to, at the very least, need to know what you do and don’t like.

That sounds simpler than it is because knowing what you do and don’t like means actually doing a lot of research.

Even if you engage a design professional, you’ll still be required to make the final decision and you don’t want to be in a position where you don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t feign interest here.

For example, I will never be a sports commentator because, despite my best intentions, I just don’t enjoy sport.

2. You don’t love change

I’m not referring to the physical changes that your property is about to undergo.

I’m talking about the fact that after you finally make that dreaded bathroom tile decision that you’ve been agonizing over for weeks, your tile retailer tells you there’s a six-week wait. Time is money, so you’re forced to change tact.

Renovating comes with curve balls like this, and bigger, at every turn. For seasoned renovators, it’s par for the course but for many it’s like being punched in the guts on repeat.

3. You’re immobilised by mess

If you’re living through a renovation, like many of us are forced to, you need to be prepared to live amidst, what can only be described as chaos (not organised chaos, just chaos).

And if you’re like me and your mind becomes frazzled by visual chaos, then frazzled is how you’ll begin to act.

You have to be able to live through mess and keep your eye on the ball because the alternative is to be completely overwhelmed. If that happens, your renovation will suffer.


4. You loathe physical labour

I don’t need to tell you that to make money on your renovation means that you’ll have to pull up your sleeves and get dirty.

Whether it’s painting, planting in the garden or just a whole lot of cleaning (and there will be a whole lot of cleaning), it can be hard yakka!

It’s just not the ideal way for some people to spend their weekends. I get it.

renovation tradesmen

5. The best part is when it’s over

I frequently compare renovating to childbirth, where you’re so besotted with the outcome that you forget the pain.

Even for experienced renovators, renovating is hard work and can come with a lot of stress.

We love it. We love the work, the decisions, and the daily buzz of activity as much as we love the end result. If you don’t, however, life’s too short, so find another sport.

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