When You Need To Sell NOW!

Home Help® makes it simple to turn an unwanted house into cash, hassle-free and on your own time. They have an easy answer that lets homeowners simply walk away from the burden, cash in hand, for a fair and reasonable price without any hidden fees or expenses. As direct cash buyers, they buy properties as-is and revitalize them, either for resale or as a rental property.

As a locally owned company, We don’t have franchise fees or high overhead like some of their competitors, and so they can pass the savings on to the seller. Led by long-time area residents Robert Hobbs, and Cindy Huerta, Home Help® was founded on integrity, fairness, and a sense of community. Because are company structure is a team effort, which is able to provide a better level of service than many other as-is home buying companies out there.

If you have an unwanted house that you have been considering selling, call or apply online today for a no-obligation property assessment. We understand the need to get all the information you can regarding a quick cash sale and encourage you to do your research to see the reviews and testimonials sellers are leaving them. We're happy to take the time to talk with you at whatever length you need to make a decision that’s right for you. If you decide not to move forward, there is no commitment and no hard feelings. We truly care about people first.

With complete transparency and honesty, We determine a property’s condition, estimated market value after repairs and calculate the price accordingly to make it a win-win scenario. You will not have to pay any realtor commissions, closing fees, or all of the extra costs associated with listing it. There is no staging, no open houses, and none of the disruptions when listing through a typical real estate agent. As professional, local, and experienced house buyers, we will make it simple for you to turn your property into cash.


We Buy Houses
Quick and Responsibly

Helping Renew our Neighborhoods

At the core of our values is a commitment to help renew our neighborhoods and to provide affordable housing for future generations.

Upfront and Transparent

As part of our ethics policy, home sellers can request a break down explaining how we arrived at the purchase price offered. We will go over every line item on the purchase contract and any other paperwork before you sign it. We'll be happy to disclose our plans to rent, resell, assign, or demolish and rebuild the property after we buy it. Finally, we promise to our extend honest advice and opinion, whether you end up selling your to us or not.

Sell Your House Faster, For More

Up to 20x Faster Than Listing With An Agent

Selling your home can take months or even years! Expedite the sale of your home by eliminating the middle man and dealing directly with the buyer. Since we pay cash, you don't have to wait months for the bank to approve financing.

Get More Cash, Keep More Cash

Not only do we pay up to 10% more than other home buyers, we also save you thousands of dollars on commissions, inspections, repairs and title fees. We also help you minimize hidden costs such maintenance fees and property taxes that can suck thousands of dollars from your bottom line.

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